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Match: Jawbreakers 3—1 Haughty and Naughty

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Match: The Blightsworn Scourge 1—2 Shyish Spine Tappers

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Match: Shyish Spine Tappers 1—2 Ratta Pakka

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Match: Da Orc Kestra 2—1 Midtown Candymen

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Match: Nuln Night Runners 5—0 Da Dragonback Bombas

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Match: Da Dragonback Bombas 1—5 Woody Quarrelsons

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Match: Jawbreakers 2—1 Nuln Night Runners

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Regular Season 12


2Haughty and Naughty121350k7403-3-4
3Mount Royal Habitants101560k631243
4Da Nunga Jungaz101300k631212
5Da Orc Kestra91730k630318


1The Doom Flayers191790k76101419
2Riften's Riff Raff121410k7403410
3Woody Quarrelsons61240k52030-2
4Ratta Pakka31080k6105-8-11
5Da Dragonback Bombas11300k7016-18-20


1Midtown Candymen161160k751163
2Drakwald Demons111320k7322-17
3The Violent Femmes91140k72320-1
4Guinness Stouts3950k7106-6-4
5Lords Smellington11190k7016-11-6


1Dampfort Brayers141570k742110-2
2Nuln Night Runners101450k731384
3Shyish Spine Tappers 91310k630315
4Karak Azul Miner Leaguers71030k5212-5-6
5The Blightsworn Scourge41270k6114-90

Recent games

Home Away Date
Riften's Riff Raff 1—0 Ratta Pakka Mon Jan 27 2020Show
Jawbreakers 3—1 Haughty and Naughty Thu Jan 16 2020Show
The Violent Femmes 1—2 Midtown Candymen Wed Jan 15 2020Show
The Blightsworn Scourge 1—2 Shyish Spine Tappers Sun Jan 12 2020Show
Nuln Night Runners 2—2 Dampfort Brayers Sat Jan 11 2020Show

Most casualties - Season 12

Most touchdowns - Season 12

Latest dead

Player Value Team Date
Niruin 50k Riften's Riff Raff Mon Jan 27 2020
Banana III 80k Jawbreakers Thu Jan 16 2020
Slinks 50k Nuln Night Runners Thu Dec 12 2019
Gaccox 80k Dampfort Brayers Tue Dec 10 2019
Terry Block 70k Karak Azul Miner Leaguers Tue Dec 10 2019

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