Hogtown Blood Bowl League feed http://manager.thehobble.com/ Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification Tue, 23 Apr 2019 03:51:57 -0700 OBBLM 0.91 Match: Misty Mountain Maniacs (0) vs. Kitchener Pantry Cats (1) Fans celebrated the debut of the Misty Mountain Maniacs by ripping apart their Captain, Fingus the Pogoer, on a crowd surf in the opening moments of the match! http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-11-06 17:19:24 Match: Mount Royal Habitants (2) vs. Nasty Ladies (DE) (0) ALLEZ MONT ROYAL! In a game where both sides seemed to have their shoelaces tied together and couldn't dodge out of danger to save their life, Jean "Gros Bill" Beliveau was the difference-maker in a tight contest between the debutant Habs and the veteran Nasty Ladies with two clutch passes for touchdowns late in each half, including a miraculous long bomb from deep in his own end. Shorty and Agatha Cristy did the damage for the dark elves, but their teammates weren't able to capitalize and score. Te crowd was in a feisty mood, rioting to start the 2nd half and chucking a goblin fanatic onto the pitch, which cut a swath of destruction through both teams. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-10-24 17:29:50 Match: Badland Bullies (1) vs. Tralinia Golden Dragons (1) "A HARD FOUGHT RUCK!" High Elven nobility proved themselves the equal to Orcish might, as the Tralinia Golden Dragons went up against the Badland Bullies and emerged unscathed with a well-earned tie for their troubles. Linriava was the elven star of the night as their timely passes were key to the Golden Dragon's touchdown. 'Weird' Wuzzag equalized for the Bullies after a steady 2nd-half drive that saw the Bullies lose possession twice yet quickly recover. But the strategic duel wasn't enough for the rowdy crowd, which threw all manner of memorabilia and projectiles onto the pitch at every opportunity in the 2nd half, ultimately causing more bloodshed than both teams combined. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-09-12 21:10:17 Match: Nasty Ladies (DE) (2) vs. Tralinia Golden Dragons (2) A rousing intro game with some elf on elf violence! http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-08-13 03:36:14 Match: Jonestown Puppeteers (2) vs. Riverland Walleyes (0) Charles Orcustus Morknessen has died for the second and third time, thanks to decay. His life was not long, but it was interesting. In the first half, OG-R4 had 4 loners, and double-skulled out. MVP. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-07-10 18:27:11 Match: 50 - No fly Zone (2) vs. Jonestown Puppeteers (1) The tale of the skinks that would not take the beating they, deep in their hearts, truly wanted. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-06-15 04:43:14 Match: Riverdale Rotskins (0) vs. Da Dragonback Bombas (0) Morg rolled three double skulls! http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-06-14 19:49:05 Match: Karak Nhati Bengals (2) vs. The Scowrers (2) "BENGALS BLOODIED BUT SCROWERS STYMIED!" Blood Bowl lived up to its name in a brutal mid-week fixture that featured injuries and touchdowns aplenty. Literal slip-ups from the Bengal Runners left the ball unprotected early in the half, and the Scrowers' Baskeet "The Hound" snuck in and scooped it up to score a defensive touchdown. The Bengals' Tryg Magnisson scored in the following drive, and the half ended 1-1. In the 2nd half, "Killer" Culverton tore into the beleaguered Bengals to rack up a league-leading 11 casualties, while Baskeet took advantage to score a second touchdown. Looking at a 2-1 deficit and with time running out, things looked grim for the doughty Dwarfs, but the Scrowers ill-discipline got the better of them. The Scrowers' Troll "Unholy" Pete was left without a minder and started picking dandelions at a crucial moment, allowing the Bengals to grab an unprotected ball and, in a daring hand-off play that would make the Elfheim Eagles blush, run the ball in to score and keep their playoff hopes alive. Jarek Brokkisson III was hailed as the MVP, while the Scrowers were booed off the pitch by their fans, many swearing never to support the team again, for letting an elusive victory slip away. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-05-30 20:56:36 Match: Titans of Tartarus (1) vs. Riverdale Rotskins (2) Ramtut III came out to play. Ramtut III lied down on a dodge in first half and decided to rest in the KO bin for the rest of the game. Ramtut III is a star in name only. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-05-30 18:18:28 Match: Hogtown Fjord (1) vs. Jonestown Puppeteers (1) Lord Borak came out to play. Lord Borak lied down on the first play and decided to rest in the KO bin for the rest of the game. Lord Borak is a star in name only. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-05-16 18:27:15 Match: Karak Nhati Bengals (3) vs. Da Dragonback Bombas (0) Da Bombas hired Bomber Dribblesnot to give them 12 players and traveled to the Bengals home stadium. Only 9 of them made the journey home. Missing the key Smiley Cyrut to injury for this match, they attempted a double bomber barrage after kicking to the Bengals. Unfortunately the bombs while causing mayhem were not very powerful and even after knocking down 5 dwarves with one bomb they could do nothing about the ball on the floor and it was swiftly recovered the following turn. Lining up in the 2nd half with 5, then 4 players remaining - every opportunity for even a minor glory cruelly slipped from their grasp, with the Bengals running up the score and a Pitch Invasion taking out ONLY the troll to ruin their final OTT attempt. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-05-15 19:26:43 Match: Jonestown Puppeteers (0) vs. Riverdale Rotskins (1) A nail biter of a match. Stumbling over his own feet, Jonestown ball carrier Mr Hugz let go of the ball on their offense. Which allowed Riverdale to score a defensive touchdown. Despite lacking their leader figure Armand Armour, things looked bright for the Rotskins at beginning of the second half. This was when Grashnak Blackhoof kicked into overdrive and KO'd one Rotskin after another. Down to five players in the end, it was largely Bobby Bellychick's individual performance that saved the win. Bobby managed to recover the ball twice, thus critically delaying the Puppeteers enough to keep them from scoring. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-05-03 21:09:56 Match: Riverland Walleyes (1) vs. Zharr-Hanta Argonauts (1) Frustrated with the lack of casualties, the fans decided to murder the Walleye's QB on the bottom of 16. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-05-03 06:17:40 Match: Hogtown Fjord (0) vs. Riverdale Rotskins (1) An exceptionally bloody match, with four fatalities in total. Only two of them managed to regenerate or got saved by the apothecary. Two Rotters found their end. At least Terry "Tickleme" Tongueface grew extra strength from his near-death experience. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-04-27 07:00:23 Match: Da Dragonback Bombas (0) vs. 50 - No fly Zone (4) Da Bombas were playing with a shortened bench, after their last match and the beating they took at the hands of the Argonauts they would only be able to field 11 players! They started off strong, knocking out a skink for each goblin that left the pitch. Unfortunately, they were unable to capitalize on early success, and the remaining skinks quickly scored. This meant that quite early in the game, 3 bribes were used to keep 2 Secret Weapons available. Angered at this result, Da Bomba fans got the ref and another bribe was found for them. Alas, it was not used, as the Fanatic injured himself off the pitch. Meanwhile Oorhee was enraptured by the stunning beauties offering Bloodweiser. And with that, things quickly went downhill.... and after the 4th TD, Da Bombas didn't have enough goblins to even line up. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-04-18 19:21:02 Match: Riverland Walleyes (2) vs. Jonestown Puppeteers (0) Snow Day. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-04-17 19:05:08 Match: The Scowrers (1) vs. Jonestown Puppeteers (2) Charles Orcustus Morknessen is dead. Long live Charles Orcustus Morknessen. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-04-04 17:44:58 Match: Zharr-Hanta Argonauts (2) vs. Da Dragonback Bombas (1) Goblins are teh squishy. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-04-03 17:44:51 Match: Da Dragonback Bombas (0) vs. Hogtown Fjord (2) The crowd were out for a good time, and Da Dragonback Bombas were out to give it to them! They had plied the crowd with ample amounts of Bloodweiser, which unfortunately meant that the crowd got a bit rowdy and crashed onto the field. Rioting right from the start. Da Bombas attempted to capitalize on this by quickly knocking down the front line of the Fjord. Alas, it was on of the few times Nuffle smiled down on the team. Possibly due to the rowdiness of the crowd, the goblin bribes were ineffective. (Failed 2/3 of them....) Knumbknuts was quickly dispatched off the pitch by Sam Squanntch, and the rest of the goblins were quickly playing dead lying on the pitch. They had heard rumours that wolves won't scavenge dead meat. Alas, they were quickly proven wrong and soon there were only a few goblins left on the pitch. In a drastic measure, they called upon their team wizard, Mad-Cap Fizz-Pop, who quickly proved his worth, throwing down a booming Fireball and knocking many of the Fjord to the ground. It was not enough, the Fjord quickly went up 1-0 by the end of the first half, and after losing all their Secret Weapons AND Knumbnuts quickly into the second-half, they did their best to hold the score. But their pitiful defense was not enough and by the end of the game, the Fjord easily walked into the end-zone. Ending the game with a confident 2-0 http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-03-19 18:45:37 Match: Manchuckster United (0) vs. Riverdale Rotskins (1) Meeting at Time Capsule stadium, Manchuckster and Riverdale were both hoping to continue their non-losing streak. Manchuckster won the coin toss and decided to kick. Riverdale was, due to their nature, slowly grinding down the field. Manchuckster kept resisting, unimpressed even by a near-death that was prevented only by the swift actions of the team apothecary. With the Rotskins ball carrier dangerously exposed, everything came down to the beast. Holding up multiple players, the secret bean and rotten flesh diet finally paid off. Disgusted by its foul appearance, the Manchuckster players refused to get into physical contact with the beast, thus allowing Bobby Bellychick to score the 1-0. With only two turns left and yet another wave of disgust caused by the overall foul appearance, MU did not manage to score back. Second half saw some practice passing play by the rookie Manchuckster thrower, which finally ended in a fumbled catch. While the ball was too far away for Riverdale to intervene, it resulted in enough confusion to temporarily stall the offense. Terry "Tickleme" Tongueface, the Beast of Nurgle, was again essential in the gameplay - by first opening up the defense wide open with a failed block, and then preventing the equalizing touch down by entangling the MU ball carrier in its deliciously sticky tentacles. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2018-03-07 20:22:46