Hogtown Blood Bowl League feed http://manager.thehobble.com/ Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification Mon, 11 Dec 2017 11:09:09 -0800 OBBLM 0.91 Match: Mousillon Mauraders (0) vs. Companions in Crimson (2) The day (or should we say night) had finally come, there was a palatable sense of blood in the air, for it was time for the two Vampire Teams to finally face-off. Knowing that they would be their best in the night, the weather wizards summoned clouds to cover the sun. Unfortunately that led to a deluge of rain as the game played in the wet weather throughout! Lining up, the first hit of the game was a resounding success, Janine Dafoe quickly sending Leon off the pitch with an injury. It seemed the Companions were out for blood, as on the second hit Mascherano took one of the Mauraders Vampires into the pitch and even with his regeneration was unable to save him. (Seriously I don't think I ever passed a regen this entire season!) There was a brief respite when Couyoh attempted to swing the ball back, knocking down the Companion holding the ball, then picking it up and tossing it to Hefenhofen. Unfortunately his gimp leg worked up and he was unable to avoid Wilhelm Chaney. Who quickly knocked him into the crowd, while the rest of the Companions slugged their way forward, swarming over the remaining Thralls. Meanwhile, Lilith continued her reign of terror upon the poor Thralls of the Mauraders, more focused on drinking the blood of her own team than actually playing the game. This led to the Companions shortly getting a touchdown with only a few minutes remaining in the half. The Mauarders knew that if they could get a few players downfield, there was a chance to tie this game going into the half. Unfortunately with the rain, and the gimp leg of Hefenhofen it was not to be. The three players in scoring position were quickly nullified entranced in the Hypnotic Gaze of the Companions, or simply knocked down by Wilhelm. However, the Mauraders weren't too worried, at this point they were only down 1-0 and they still had a whole half to play. Only time would tell how wrong they were. Flush with the success of their first half the Companions came out flying! Before the half had even begun they Blitz'd their way into the Mauraders half of the pitch, and Couyoh was quickly tossed into the crowd, leaving only the crazy Lilith and gimp Hefenhofen to try and carry the team. Alas it was not to be, Lilith attempted to direct the thralls into a difficult play which would've resulted in two Companions off the pitch if it had worked. Unfortunately she had drained so much of the blood from these thralls during the half that they were more sluggish than normal and quickly stumbled into the ground. Meanwhile the Wilhelm had made his way to Hefenhofen and with a quick shove, pushed him into the crowd as well! (Seriously, I don't know how many times I had people pushed into the crowd this game! I really need to work on better placement!) This led to a a pow-wow of Crimson Vampires now holding the ball near the end-zone. Lilith attempted to knock down the ball-carrier, unfortunately only pushing him deeper into the half and then surrounding herself among the three! She then tried to chat them all up about the glories of drinking the blood of thralls, and it almost worked. Convincing 2 of the 3 vampires to try the exquisite taste of their thralls. Unfortunately, the last one was able to shake off the effects, and walk in with a touchdown. This led to the final quarter of the game, the Mauraders would need both luck and skill (mainly luck) to tie the game. It was possible, however it did require the Thralls to handle the ball, and unfortunately, the weather was not helping in that regard. Failing to pick up the rain-slicked ball for meant that it was now impossible for them to win. There was a brief moment of solace when the Gaston managed to take down the 'Old Master' on the last dodge of the game. Diving at his feet and bringing him down to stop a rout. Alas it was not to be, and with the season over and the grudge-match settled, the Mauraders decided to take a small leave of absence. They will recuperate and visit with their steady fan-base. However claims have started to arise that the fanbase may not actually be under some kind of hypnosis. As how could there still be fans after with 0wins and 16 losses. (I'm not saying they are the worst team ever in the existence of the league... but they literally the worst team in the league of teams that have played at least 1 game.) http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-06-29 20:58:05 Match: Da Gof Rokkerz (2) vs. W: Ganja Girls (0) Da Rokkerz laid a savage beating on the Ganja Girls. In true elf fashion it was anybodies game until the last turn. It took a wizard and 2 star players to keep them down. The Orc bench was 15 deep which meant lots of fouling. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-06-15 18:01:32 Match: W: Ganja Girls (3) vs. Mousillon Mauraders (1) Playing at the home stadium of the Mauraders, deep in the east-end of Mousillon. The Vampires figured it was their time to shine, on this final game of the regular season. They knew that once again they wouldn't make the playoffs but if they could lay down a game that their thralls would remember. They began by calling upon the services of the wizard that served them so well against the skaven. Unfortunately he could not repeat the success and only managed to knock out one elf which allowed the others to score two quick touchdowns before the end of the first half. Down 2-0 the Vampires struggled back, Lilith managing to throw a long pass down to Couyoh who scored a rare touchdown for the Vampires. And the crowd went wild! So celebratory that they invaded the field. Unfortunately even though the clock continued to run, it was not enough to stop the elfs from throwing one last touchdown. Ending the Mauraders season with a 3-1 trouncing and another season without success. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-05-16 20:06:11 Match: W: Ganja Girls (3) vs. Dwarf Buddies (1) It definitely seemed to be the Ganja Girls day. They chose to receive and were able to push a trollslayer into the crowd - though they were drastically unable to cause any injuries whatsoever to the Buddies throughout the entire match, it was really difficult for the Buddies to manage anything in the first half because NOTHING the Girls tried failed. Literally nothing. Additionally, they were able to take advantage of a critically timed blitz - the Ganja Girls went hyper aggressive late in the first half and managed to force a turnover score to go up 2 nil at the half time whistle. In the second half a reduction in numbers made it a tougher job - though they were able to put enough pressure on Dancer he decided to score before the middle of the half. Again the Girls went hyper aggressive knowing a 3rd TD would put the game beyond reach, and even with a nicely planned hit on the ball carrier, the Girls persevered and despite some nail biting moments managed the 3rd touchdown to put the game beyond reach. It all unfortunately fell apart for the Buddies - even with a decent amount of time on the clock the pressure was telling and a severe case of butterfingers and slippery boots meant no consolation. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-05-04 20:17:29 Match: Riverdale Rotskins (2) vs. The Skullcrushers (0) The noise of the cheering and stomping fans was nearly unbearably loud, as the crowds filled the sold-out Meeplemart stadium. In their final match of the season, the Skullcrushers and the Rotskins met to determine the division champion, and expectations were high. As it turned out, the fans would not be disappointed. The Chaos Chosen had won the toin coss and decided to kick. Riverdale decided to make it count, and with the first block of the game, Lolo Lovebear badly hurt a beastman. Terry "Tickleme" Tongueface aimed to follow in his steps, but instead rolled a triple skull - and knocked himself out in the process. The game remained exquisitly violent, with two more Skullcrushers getting knocked out and Skullabalaktus the Untamed injuring a pestigor. Just to be seriously injured himself by hired gun Lord Borak the Despoiler, who added a second niggling injury to the minotaur. With time slowly running out, ball carrier Bobby Bellychick was forced to dodge away from the Chaos warrior threat, but managed to stay on his feet and score at the end of the half. Second half started as exciting as the first half had ended, with a drunken dwarf throwing his empty beer keg on the pitch, nearly knocking out Zebulon, the strength 6 chaos warrior. A blitz on Lord Borak, who was guarding the sideline, left him standing on his feet, unimpressed by the Chaos onslaught. Bobby Bellychick did not let this opportunity pass, counterblitzing and killing his target, while chainpushing another Skullcrusher into the crowd. Borak finished the turn by catapulting one more opponent into the fans. Down to five players, all hopes were on Blood Frenzy, the strength- and agility-boosted dodging beastman carrying the ball. Who also fell victim to a blitz by Borak, but was able to get back to his feet and pickup the ball. Left with no backup, his escape run was finally stopped by Bobby Bellychick, who - in top form and true MVP of the match - later managed to pick up the ball and pass it to Ferdinand Foulhoof who scored in the the last seconds of the match for the final 2-0. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-05-04 19:01:51 Match: Clar Karond Corsairs (2) vs. W: Ganja Girls (3) So close, and yet a clutch turn 16 OTTD secure the win for the Ganja Girls http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-04-27 20:04:36 Match: Snotgrab's Nut Puntchaz (1) vs. Hogtown Fjord (2) The 401 games Friday night lights didn't disappoint. Blood, gore, death! Players sometimes even handling the ball! The match started off with a bang, with an early game of explosive hot potato slowing the Norse. A mean right hook from Rokk straight up murdered Lars Fodderson Jr. When asked about using his apothecary, Rob Fjord simply shrugged. The Goblins couldn't hold them however, and the Hogtown Fjord scored to end the first half. The second half started off with more skull crunching, the Goblins sneaking famed Fungus "the Loon" onto the pitch. A quick Goblin toss netted a TD for Dobby and the Gobs were able to nut puntch Lemmy Sigviddson off the pitch. Lars "Bootsy" Ivarrson didn't take kindly to his teammate being killed however, and brought his skills to bear by crushing Buncy's neck. The furious Norse were able to overwhelm the goblins and score in the dying minutes, leading them to victory. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-04-21 19:54:52 Match: Da Gof Rokkerz (2) vs. Companions in Crimson (2) The Companions are on the board! Some poor ball handling resulted in some Vampire scoring. Not a great game for the Rokkerz. (Edited by Trev: Dave wrote the above; I only added 2nd TD for the Companions.) http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-04-18 21:16:07 Match: Mousillon Mauraders (1) vs. Zharr-Hanta Argonauts (2) Back in action at the 401 Stadium, there was quite a few teams out playing today, and the Argonauts v Mauraders was expected to draw a fair crowd. There was hope in the air from the fans from the Buddies that the Mauraders would act like spoilers and as the game commenced it looked like it would be the case. Even by kicking to the Argonauts, the Mauraders were able to snatch up the ball, and with a fancy pass through tackle zones, Lilith was able to pass it down field for a TD! Surprised at actually being up at the half, the team was unprepared for what was to come. Slowly but sure the Argonauts ground down the Mauraders, knocking them off the pitch. Scooping up the loose ball, they were able to clear the field of both Vampires & Thralls before walking in for the TD. Now with only 2 turns left, the Mauraders were hoping for a lucky kick and stalling out the game. Unfortunately the kicker on the Argonauts was able to place it right on the sidelines, and even though von Hefenhofen was able to pick up the ball, he was unable to get it to safety. Both Mace & Spike galloped downfield, knocking von Hefenhofen to the ground, they then kept him away from the ball as a last gasp he dove for it. Spike was able to pick it up and made his way safely into the End Zone. Amazed at this close turn of events, and the fact that the Mauraders came within a whisker of winning. The winners pot was evenly split 50/50 (or should that be 70k/70k) in the hope that the team could buy some new players. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-04-17 20:44:32 Match: Snotgrab's Nut Puntchaz (0) vs. Riverdale Rotskins (2) Chainsaw, Ball & Chain, Bombs, Tentacles, Big Guys! This game had it all. The fans at 401 stadium were thrilled when the match between the Rotskins and the Nut Puntchaz started. And were not disappointed, when supertroll Rokk doubleskulled his first block. The goblins recovered, but a missed dodge opened their ball carrier to a blitz and subsequently loss of the ball. Riverdale scored at the end of the half, but two carefully placed bribes kept Fanatic Kodos in play. Which paid off, as he took out two Nurgle Warriors in second half, until he was finally removed himself. Riverdale scored again in turn 15, but despite a riot, lack of men and abundance of disturbing presence did not allow the Goblins to answer with a touchdown. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-04-17 20:37:28 Match: Mousillon Mauraders (0) vs. Dwarf Buddies (2) Having been recently enjoying some success in local tournaments, the Mousillon Mauraders were not prepared to be back on the pitch so quickly. Playing at the 401 Stadium, their fans glad that they had returned, they helped out by tossing a rock at one of the Dwarves right off the bat! Seeing that the crowd was on their side, the Vampires decided to play a risky sideline game, hoping that by pushing off Dwarves into the crowd they could increase their #s against in the second half. Alas it was not to be, for they took hits themselves and after a strong 8-turn grind the Dwarven Buddies had score and both teams were down to 10players for the second half. Seeing that the first half was so bloody, the crowd started off the second witha Riot! In the confusion Lilith caught the ball off the kick-off and quickly tried to make it down field for a touchdown. Alas it was not to be and she tripped over her feet, too eager for the adulation of the crowd. The Dwarves quickly took things into their own hands, and beat the ever loving snot out of the Vampires. At one point there was only 1 vampire standing, the 3 other thralls on the pitch simply stunned, and everyone else hanging with the Bloodweiser babes. Then on turn 8, once more the Dwarves made a push for the end-zone and blitzed out for the 2-goal win. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-04-06 20:15:15 Match: Clar Karond Corsairs (3) vs. Warpstone Stealers (1) All hail the greatest fireball ever thrown http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-04-05 18:58:26 Match: Da Gof Rokkerz (1) vs. Snotgrab's Nut Puntchaz (0) Buzz All-Grin tripped over his chainsaw and killed himself. Played at Meeplemart http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-03-28 19:23:46 Match: Hogtown Fjord (0) vs. Riverdale Rotskins (1) Hoping to finally end their non-winning streak, the Riverdale Rotskins met their local competitors, Hogtown Fjord. Fjord chose to receive, but their offense quickly got stuck in the foul lines of the Nurgle defense. Both teams did not display any superior ball handling or man handling skills. Instead, the main focus, much appreciated by the crowds, was on fouling. Two Rotskins were casualtied by the good old boot, and if it hadn't been for the team doctor, star catcher Lemmy would have lost his life prematurely after an accidental kick to his head. With dwindling numbers on both sides, Riverdale managed to score mid second half and barely keep Fjord from equalizing. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-03-22 20:26:58 Match: The Skullcrushers (1) vs. Riverdale Rotskins (1) Played at the 401 stadium, the clash of the division 1 titans was spectacularly unspectacular. Both teams were plagued by a high number of failed dodges and blocks, but none ever resulted in a turnover that caused the possessing team to lose the ball. A deep kick by the Skullcrushers made sure that the Rotskins were not able to respond to their touchdown early in the first half. Similarly, the Chaos team could not overcome the Nurgle defenses after their equalizing touchdown in the second half, ending the game with a 1-1 draw. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-03-08 19:58:05 Match: Companions in Crimson (0) vs. Hogtown Fjord (1) "Bob, I'm on a scarlet stained field here at 401 Stadium at what the analysts are already calling another "Slaughter for the Blotter". The Companions in Crimson came out energetically and drew first blood, putting down "Bootsy" Ivarrson early in the first half. This seemed to rouse the Fjord from their hangovers and they began to act like they came to play. Mr. Hugs quickly killed a thrall outright in retaliation. Thrall Holyfield tried to slip the boot to Sting Stuggmundson but the Ref caught the move and quickly ejected him and the Companion's coach in the ensuing chaos. Stigg jumped to his feet and laid the slay down on another thrall leaving little for team medics to work with. Lemmy controlled the ball well for the half but in the end got too cocky in his showboating and was stripped of the ball in the final moments. Not even a little magic item could help the Fjord's passing game though and the half ended scoreless. It's unclear, Bob, what was said by either coach in the locker room during half time but both teams came out hungry for blood. Unfortunately for the Companions this was a literal hunger for blood and the vampires spent the first few moments of the second snacking on thralls or ducking out to the sideline for a splash. When the vampire's did try to get a play going, the field was so slick with blood, they'd slip and slide on their own dodges, frequently injuring themselves. The Fjord capitalized on this opportunity, Stigg quickly killing another vampire distracted by thirst, but the Companions in Crimson apothecary was able to stitch him up and get him back in the game with little damage. The Fjord onslaught continued, with a journeyman seriously injuring another thrall and culminating in the Norse Yeti's first kill, rising Companions in Crimson star "Spruce" Wayne. The Yeti's massive claw had sheared the vampire's head clean off and regeneration proved impossible. Lemmy drove the ball in late in the second half. The vampires attempted a last minute rally, tossing the ball ably around the pitch, but couldn't muster a rally. Fair to say this is a match neither team will soon forget, nor the groundskeepers who will have to try to get the blood off the pitch before the next match. Back to you, Bob" http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-03-08 19:14:11 Team news by Companions in Crimson To celebrate scoring their first touchdown since Open League in Round 5, the Companions in Crimson have eaten, and fired, the thrall Ainge as soon as he was released from hospital. If they score another touchdown in their Round 6 game against Hogtown Fjord, this is sure to become a tradition. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-03-08 06:59:41 Match: Snotgrab's Nut Puntchaz (2) vs. Companions in Crimson (1) 401 Games (Details to Follow) http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-02-24 18:26:42 Match: Dwarf Buddies (0) vs. W: Ganja Girls (2) Flint Churnblade returned to the pitch after chalking up 4 casualties in the opening game of the season. But this game he was injured on a foul on the first play. Flint spent the rest of the game on the sideline sipping a margarita with a cast on his leg for National Margarita Day. The first half saw the Ganja Girls kick to the Dwarf Buddies (Working Title) and picking apart the offence with surgical precision. The wardancers were on their A-game as they planted a pair of one die pow hits to the caged up runners. The Dwarf power was conspicuously absent as Dozer the Deathroller managed to lay a total of 2 blocks and never saw a pow on any of his 3 block dice. The Ganja Girls forced and early turnover and ended the half up 1-0. The second half began with the Ganja Girls receiving and spent the first few turns playing catch in their back field while the Dwarf safeties chased the catchers all over the their side. The Dwarf Buddies (Working Title) started to show their teeth finally an began pick apart the squishy elves. The badly hurt box started to feel crowded as the Dwarves blocked and fouled all over the field. The violence didn't do the Buddies much good however as the Elves managed to find a hole in the middle of the pitch and chucked a incomplete pass just out of reach for the Dwarves so the slippery catcher picked up the dropped pass to score and put the game out of reach. 2-0. The Dwarves were able to send another player to the sidelines on offence but didn't come close to scoring. The Buddies still learned a lot and have know which knees to target when they next meet the Ganja Girls. ** FIXED SPP - my linemen did not get 9 completions each :) ** http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-02-22 20:46:10 Match: Da Gof Rokkerz (1) vs. Hogtown Fjord (0) The weather was fine for this first Division matchup between Orcs and Norse at 401 Stadium, but the drunken fans of both teams in this fledgling rivalry were on edge. Tensions broke at kickoff and a riot ensued. The Fjord recovered for their drive but couldn't seem to get the mojo working for any play magic. An early ejection for "Bootsy" Ivarrson on a missed foul didn't help and the Norse drive ended scoreless. This only seemed to further enrage the fans who took to the pitch again to riot on the kick to the Rokkerz. The Goffs received and caged up to move down field. The Fjord pounded away as much as they could with dwindling numbers, even managing to punch the ball loose at one point, but the Rokkerz armour and the relentless attack of the Orken blitzes left the Fjord without any on field leadership and shaken, failing two critical end of drive plays that could have prevented the scoring and winning goal, walked over the goal line by Wugzark with ease in the final moments. Fans continued to rumble their way out of the stadium, Orc and Norse hooligans throwing anything they could get loose and starting a right proper donnybrook outside the stadium that had to be broken up by stadium security. It would seem a new division rivalry is born. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2017-02-21 15:54:18