Hogtown Blood Bowl League feed http://manager.thehobble.com/ Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification Thu, 21 Oct 2021 15:00:08 -0400 OBBLM 0.91 Match: Midtown Candymen (1) vs. Haughty and Naughty (2) Potentially one of the friendliest playoff games ever played in Bloodbowl. Only one blocking casualty the entire game, even considering the presence of elves and stuntys, and playing in Advanced PATH-BALL!!![sic] The elves managed to keep ahead of the lizards for pretty much the entire game. The lizards, not for lack of trying, let the crowd down on some key plays of the game, while the elves managed to pull off some stunning passing and dodging plays to secure the win. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2020-03-04 20:29:55 Match: Nuln Night Runners (0) vs. The Doom Flayers (1) Without a doubt the most difficult match the Doom Flayers faced all season. A back and forth stalemate that nearly saw overtime. The match was scoreless until turn 14 and neither team could do much to injure the other side. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2020-03-04 09:23:25 Match: Drakwald Demons (1) vs. Midtown Candymen (2) Despite an early run on casualties, and a downright heroic skaven sprint to the endzone, the stupidity of the ogre and troll gave the lizards the openings they needed to secure the win. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2020-02-19 18:07:37 Match: Da Orc Kestra (1) vs. Haughty and Naughty (2) Trollsome big guy Rickard Whopper was the talk of the stands today, having the game of his career. With three confirmed casualties over 16 turns, he was already building up anticipation in the stands, but that came to a crescendo when he took Prince Moranian off the pitch (with a MNG result, even - ed.) Still, fans of the Kestra's lesser-statured players were a little upset with Whopper's performance. "Poor Jisippy Hurty," lamented one fan. "'E tries 'is best all season, works ta becum da best catcher Da Kestra 'as seen in years, and Whopper jus' gobbles 'im up? Just like dat?" While Whopper's casualty count makes him one to watch in future seasons, it remains to be seen if the coach will try to ensure that the troll focuses on casualties to the OPPOSING team. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2020-02-17 19:24:59 Match: Mount Royal Habitants (1) vs. Jawbreakers (0) A shock upset pumped new life into the Habs' playoff hopes, as they defeated the Jawbreakers 1-0 in a tightly contested match. Pundits were astonished by the uncharacteristically un-reckless play of the Habs, as rumours swirled that team owners had leveled an ultimatum to the Human coaching staff: win or else! Early casualties on the Jawbreakers provided the humans with a numbers advantage, but the spidery Slann weathered the storm well, and were frankly unlucky not to seize the possession of the ball, having sacked two separate Habs ball-carriers on their drive to the end zone. But a friendly crowd throw-in of the ball, coupled with Jawbreakers turnovers on blocks at the worst possible time, allowed the Habs to recover the ball in space and sprint along the open side of the pitch to score a touchdown late in the first half. The Humans blitzed the Slann on the next drive, and caused just enough problems to delay the reptilian offence, stunning and double-marking the receivers that the Slann sent downfield. In the second half, "Elegant Elmer" Lach was a defensive machine, blitzing Slann catchers back and forth along the backfield and being fortunate enough to cause stuns and knockouts, while the rest of the Habs double- or triple-marked the deepest defenders. Custard II held the ball deep in his backfield, waiting for the break in the Habs lines. Finally, midway through the 2nd, he saw an open receiver and threw the ball - but it was intercepted by Serge "The Senator" Savard, who took off for the Slann endzone. Custard recovered enough to sack Savard and recover the ball, but time and dwindling numbers were telling against the Jawbreakers. In the final minute of the game, Grape the Kroxigor found himself unmarked and lumbered in the endzone as Custard hucked a long pass downfield...but the pass was inaccurate, the ball scattered off the pitch, and with no other Slann able to recover and score, the ref called time on the match. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2020-02-11 20:42:32 Match: Shyish Spine Tappers (2) vs. Dampfort Brayers (2) The fans turned out in droves to watch what promised to be a clash of chaos swollen brutes and necromantically enhanced savages. The first drive begins in a flash, Michael Manmuncher III making a quick completion to Dan Marino further upfield to set the tone for the game. Meanwhile the line of scrimmage turns into a meat grinder as the Dampfort Brayers attempt to hold the line against the undead assault. Some quick movement through the lines however bring Michael to the endzone halfway through the drive. Receiving a generous contribution designated for the refs from a "concerned third party" who would like more violence on the pitch, the Shyish Spine Tappers gladly oblige and call on a legend from the bench, Hack Enslash. However the Dampfort Brayers were not to be cowed! With M1-N0 laying the beatdown on anything unfortunate enough to get withing range of it's claws. They say the best defense is a good offense, the Brayers took this concept for a ride and manage to tie the game up on the last turn of the half. The second half begins with both teams steadily dwindling, a high kick catches Mukaox off guard who needs a couple of turns to gather himself and the ball. This is time that the Shyish Spine Tappers do not give him! Enraged after losing his kinsman to a failed block on M1-N0, King Tukurlynemen rampages across the line of scrimmage, allowing the ghouls to engulf the ballcarrier and get the sack. Once again Michael Manmuncher III sees his opportunity and rips towards the endzone scoring with half of the half remaining. Feel the pressure, both players needed to pull out all the stops. With the Spine Tappers arguing successfully for Hack Enslash to remain on the field, and the Brayers waking up as many players as they could. And with only one turn left, and less than a single full team of players left on the field, the brayers make a brilliant pass and escape the clutches of King Tukurlynemen to score the game-tying touchdown. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2020-02-10 20:15:16 Match: Drakwald Demons (0) vs. Nuln Night Runners (4) Pouring rain did nothing to dampen the chances of a dozen sneaky rats this evening, with the light of the covered torches glinting off brass knuckles and tail weights. Nor did it dampen the spirits of the fans, who invaded the pitch on the first kick off stunning over half a dozen players! The Night Runners recovered quickly, sprinting past the Demon's line and causing mayhem as they went. Feeling the pressure of the Drakwald defence, Splyre ran the ball into the end zone--but not before the Night Runners had caused 3 casualties, including the murder of a traitorous skaven! The Demons recovered well, pushing a cage made of massive monsters up the field. The rats couldn't break the cage, either failing to knock their opponents down or tripping on long bomb blitzes. With the help of several towering friends, Globbag managed to stomp on Warptail's neck when the ref wasn't watching, sending the squealing rogre to the casualty pit. When all looked lost, two gutter runners dodged through a scattered cage and stripped the ball from the carrier. The ravenous fans grabbed it from the sidelines and pitched it away from the skaven end zone. Irate that their scoring chance had been snatched, the Demons went into a dervish, smashing every rat they could grab, the rampage only ending when the ref sent Warsurge off the pitch: even a bribe wouldn't dissuade him from the call! Now with a serious player deficit, the Demons began the second half without a dedicated quarterback or ball carrier. The Night Runners repeatedly invaded their end of the pitch, bashing and scoring twice more. On the final kickoff, a quick blitz saw the rats dash past the exhausted Demons to catch the ball and score one final time. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2020-02-04 19:20:16 Match: Jawbreakers (1) vs. Da Dragonback Bombas (1) Expecting an easy match, the fans of the Jawbreakers weathered the pouring rain to see their top-notch team take on the bottom dwelling Bombas! It started off well for the Jawbreakers, managing to score and causing all the secret weapons to quickly vacate the field. However the second half is when the tables began to turn. The goblins had paid the groundskeeper, and no matter how many times a goblin hit the pitch, they were soon back up getting under the many legs of the Jawbreakers. A well timed hit from Knumbknuts popped the ball into the crowd, who disparing at their teams performance, tossed it deep into the Jawbreaker end, where Fulgex managed to scoop it up and with some support by Dummkopf got it into the end-zone for a rare goblin TD! Elated by this turn of events, on the final kick-off of the game the Bombas surged forward, blitzing onto the ball and forcing the Jawbreakers back and ending the game 1-1! http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2020-01-28 21:24:33 Match: Jawbreakers (3) vs. Haughty and Naughty (1) Not since Round 4 had the Jawbreakers had such a pleasing opening half to a match. The High Elves blitzed on the opening kick off, but their setup was not aggressive enough to cause any significant problems - in fact the only positive of their first half was knocking out Raspberry before he'd had more than a single turn on the pitch - EVER. (Assuredly this also guaranteed his receipt of the MVP award) Good planning led to good fortune and the slann were in control for the entire first half. Well prepared for the inevitable lightning strike they chose their moments and picked their spot to ensure going into half time with a 1-0 lead. Avoiding their opponents mistake and being prepared allowed them to fully capitalize on a blitz to start the second half - completely enveloping Haughty and Naughty and scoring a second touchdown on their first turn of the second half. On the subsequent kick off - things were looking pretty desperate for the high elves. A majestic tricky quick pass opened things up and got them down the field. The slann retaliated but the loose ball scattered favourably for the elves and they took advantage to make it 2-1. Killing a slann catcher in the process. For the final few turns it looked like the slann were willing to live with 2-1, and the elves had lots of bodies around the slann that could score - but Raspberry back fresh from the bench pulled off his first ever pass to Lemon who made the difficult catch look simple and scampered in to put some deserved gloss on the win for the Jawbreakers. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2020-01-16 21:12:38 Match: The Blightsworn Scourge (1) vs. Shyish Spine Tappers (2) The BSS and SPT squared off, two festering piles of promise, racing for the bottom of the Tzeentch division. Ramuhv Ya'Playa lived up to his name sake and managed to badly hurt Bobby Bilelord and Sal Smashblister. Ohma Phaje, managed to pull off an early TD against the BSS and pulled ahead in the first half. Legsy Longhorn, not to be outdone, managed to just barely drag his hooves across the goal line into the SST endzone. Mel Meltybones from the BSS was filled with an overwhelming sense of determination and managed to straight up murder Bill Blombie. However, Mel's celebration was short-lived, much like Bill Blombie, as his lifeless body regenerated from the relative safety of the bench. In a clutch move by Michael Manmucher, third of his name, he secured a TD (and the win!) with only mere moments left on the clock. The Shyish Spine Tappers came out on top and the Blightsworn Scourge were left six feed under. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2020-01-12 14:02:30 Match: Shyish Spine Tappers (1) vs. Ratta Pakka (2) What started as a strong start from the Shyish Spine Tappers quickly unfolded into disaster! Making steady headway into the Pakka lines despite rat trickery catapulting Jack Stripe and Vincent VanGhoul into the sidelines early in the first half. However a conniving assault on Michael Manmuncher III causes him to fumble the ball repeatedly allowing Franky Smooth to slip in between the Blombie Brothers legs and sprint his way into the endzone for the final play of the half. A riot rages onto the pitch after halftime; passionate undead fans making their numbers known to those that lust for treachery on the pitch in the form of fur-laden dapper dressed clawed menaces. The brawl subdued, each team looking worse for wear after a brutal first half, the second half begun. Franky Smooth darted quickly to a reinforced flank, but his further interests are put on hold when the back up Gutter Runner, nervous to be playing with such a legend, fumbles the ball despite his kinds prodigious dexterity. The Shyish Spine Tappers sieze on this crucial mistake and quickly try to track down the ball. Unable to quite make it all the way, Franky Smooth slithers and slinks to the ball to show the poser how he handles a ball. Unfortunately the emphasis on cool lead to a very uncool fumble, which was the also fumbled by his gutter running compatriot, which was then in turn caught by Franky Smooth as if nothing had ever happened. Franky started to make his way down the pitch but the whistle is called as the refs were actually completely uncertain if such a manoeuvre constituted a turnover or not. It was ruled in favour of the Spine Tappers, whose rookie ghoul Ohma Phajē, quickly sized the ball from the grasp of the dapper duo and made his way to the endzone tying the game up 1-1. The second half dwindling, the Ratta Pakka knew they needed to make something happen soon. overwhelming mummies one at a time, the Pakka slowly opened a gap if the defensive line setting up a cage within reach of the endzone. Smashing and bashing ensued, as the undead realized their grasp was slipping, a lucky dodge sends a undead blitz sailing right into the ball carrier, Franky Smooth. Still groggy from an earlier knockout, Michael Manmuncher III once again fumbled the ball right in the Pakka's face. With a smirk lined with daggers, Franky Smooth rips the ball from the crumbling defense and scores the game winning touchdown. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2020-01-08 21:40:53 Match: Da Orc Kestra (2) vs. Midtown Candymen (1) An early KO on a troll was not enough to save the Candymen from the orderly march of Da Orc Kestra down the field. The Midtowners remain pleased to have come out of the match relatively unscathed, and the Kroxigor made up for his dismal performance in previous matches by actually maintaining his tackle zones for the majority of the game. Da Ork Kestra, while unhappy about the generally bloodless nature of the game, still relished in the passing game of their star thrower, and the fouling game of their less-than-stellar goblins. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2019-12-17 07:20:14 Match: Nuln Night Runners (5) vs. Da Dragonback Bombas (0) Coming off a sound defeat against the Quarrelsons, da Bombas hoped that their chances would improve against the Night Runners. Their fans, distraught at the last result invaded the pitch in the hope that they could slow down the Night Runners. The Bombas started off well, with Smiley quickly taking 3 rats off the pitch while the rest of the Bombas slowly made their way forward. Both Knumbnuts and Dummkopf keeping the skaven runners away from the ball carrier. Alas, disaster struck! Instead of scoring, Smiley was given free reign and too enthralled by the damage he was causing and was tripped up (GFI 1 reroll 1)! Leaving the ball carrier open to a hit by the Gutters, and with that the game it seemed like the under-workings of the skaven came to fruition and the pitch tilted towards the goblin goal. The Iron Rat had his way with any goblin he hit, knocking them off the pitch one by one. While any attempts the goblins made to head downfield were met with swarms of rats surrounding the poor goblins, while the trolls were distracted by the weirdly shiny green rocks that the Skaven carried. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2019-12-12 18:43:40 Match: Da Dragonback Bombas (1) vs. Woody Quarrelsons (5) A beautiful day for bloodbowl was in the cards, with the Woody Quarrelsons looking for their first win. Their fans came out of the woodwork (or is that from the treetops? - ed.) to see them play the Bombas! It started off well, with the Quarrelsons avoiding the secret weapons of the goblins, their lithe dodges making it so that the weapons failed to find purchase. They allowed a quick goblin Touchdown before turning the game into a game of Keep Away. The Bombas argued that they should be allowed to keep Smiley in the game, however, they discovered that the door to the dugout was locked, and Smiley infact never returned! (Failed 7 KO returns after arguing the call and succeeding...) Knubknuts and Dummkopf did their best to throw goblins into position to catch up to the wiley elves, but the pitch was slippery with goblin blood & tears, and the team was never able to get some return offense going. Looks like it may be a long slog for the Goblins, but with the wily veteran Kumbknuts, who last season played for the Yella-Roks knows, if you get a strong end of season push they could go far! http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2019-12-06 19:02:17 Match: Jawbreakers (2) vs. Nuln Night Runners (1) The Jawbreakers hosted the Night Runners from Nuln hoping to maintain their crazy winning streak. In the first half kicking to the skaven - the slann took a beating but managed two defensive touchdowns before conceding one prior to a riot giving them a chance for a 3rd TD before half-time but the number of bodies they could keep on the pitch and moving kept dwindling. In the second half - receiving the ball Pineapple II held it in the slann end zone, tempting - nay almost taunting the Night Runners to push forward and leave gaps to exploit. In the end, the skaven were cunning and ensured it was near impossible for the slann to score a 3rd touchdown before going for the ball carrier. Unfortunately for them Pineapple II pulled a perfect PUNT and they were unable to score to tie the game - the pass in the last turn inaccurate and landing right next to their gutter runner. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2019-11-28 20:41:07 Match: Lords Smellington (1) vs. Midtown Candymen (3) The nurgle team gets a passing touchdown, and two saurus somehow manage to catch the ball and make it all the way down to the endzone. WHAT WAS THIS? http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2019-11-28 17:50:12 Match: Mount Royal Habitants (2) vs. Da Orc Kestra (0) ..."Elegant Elmer" Lach peered through the whirling blizzard and watched the Orc Blitzer No-Hands Brawns smash its way through the Habs' line, ball in hand and poised to make an touchdown run. Smirking, he drew a thin black wand from his sleeve and readied it. He'd paid good gold for this Magic Item - a wand of smashing, according to the goblin who sold it to him - and now was the perfect time to use it and launch the humans' counterattack. Roaring, he leapt into the cage and levelled the wand at the Orc, speaking the magic incantation that increased Elmer's natural strength and he jabbed forward with the wand, expecting to deal a mighty blow. The orc was nudged back a bit, but otherwise nothing happened. As Elmer was smashed to the dirt by a flurry of Orcish fists, he thought back to the goblin who'd sold him this wand. Come to think of it, wasn't that goblin dressed in the Orange-and-Blue colours of Da Orc Kestra...and didn't he bear more than a passing resemblance to the goblin frantically calling for the pass in the endzone...? [Despite this setback, the Habs barely held on to a 1-0 lead in the half, chiefly thanks to No-Hands Brawn slipping in the thick snow right juuuust before he was in range to deliver a short pass to the goblin wiiiide open in the endzone...] http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2019-11-23 21:26:28 Match: Woody Quarrelsons (1) vs. Mount Royal Habitants (2) The Quarrelsons started well and looked ready to score when an unusually errant pass from Throwkin flew out of bounds into a pack of Habs fans - who took the opportunity to give their home team a boost and passed the ball around the stadium until it landed at the feet of Maurice "The Rocket" Richard. Unfortunately, the ball had become slick from the fans' greasy hands (a considerable amount of McMurty burgers having being consumed by the crowd), and both teams suffered turnover after turnover in an attempt to recover the ball. Elves and humans threatened to score, but breakaways were brought down by last-ditch tackles, until the Habs' won the battle of attrition and were able to bring their numbers to bear to score a defensive touchdown late in the first half. In the 2nd, the Habs received and quickly scored to go up by two, but the Quarrelsons had plenty of time remaining. They drew in the Habs defenders, switched attacking flanks and, fending off blitzing catchers, drove the ball in for a touchdown. Mount Royal sought to ice the game with a 3rd TD, but a wave of aggressive Elven blocks took out the Habs' receivers, forcing the Habs punted the ball away deep in the elven backfield and hold on for a 2-1 win. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2019-11-15 21:06:47 Match: Jawbreakers (3) vs. Riften's Riff Raff (0) Hot off their win away at the Nunga Jungaz - the Jawbreakers hosted Riften's Riff Raff for game four. The game plan must have been reviewed with painstaking detail because kicking to their opponent the slann immediately blitzed the back line and caught their own kick! After some maneuvering the Riff Raff used their wizard to blast a corner off the cage and blitzed the ball carrier into the crowd. Unfortunately the ball didn't move far enough and the slann secured it again and scored quickly. Motivated by early success the slann kept heavy pressure on and the humans couldn't make their hits count enough - when thinking they had the ball fairly well protected the Jawbreakers showed them otherwise and knocked it free - grabbing it in the following turn and racing off to safety. Feeling powerless to attempt recovery the Riff Raff made the slann team pay, killing a catcher outright! In the second half - down injuries and KOs humans chose to go for damage and attacked the krox - leaving the backfield open, which the Jawbreakers duly exploited. With the final kick off of the game, down 3 TDs and 4 players, the humans resorted to blatant tomfoolery - executing several passes deep in their half until the slann finally recovered the ball and attempted to handoff to the krox in the end zone. http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2019-11-06 20:16:52 Match: Karak Azul Miner Leaguers (0) vs. Dampfort Brayers (3) It rained again Important lesson: never say "wow, it would be crazy if you rolled a one". The dice were listening, and they have a dark sense of humour. And it applied to everything! "Go for it" rolls, bribes, attempts to tie shoelaces http://manager.thehobble.com/ 2019-11-05 05:46:18