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Match: Mousillon Mauraders 0—2 Companions in Crimson

Posted Thu Jun 29 2017 20:58:05 (last edited Thu Jun 29 2017 21:27:02) by Mathias View

Match: Da Gof Rokkerz 2—0 W: Ganja Girls

Posted Thu Jun 15 2017 18:01:32 (last edited Tue Jun 20 2017 7:32:31) by Genghis View

Match: W: Ganja Girls 3—1 Mousillon Mauraders

Posted Tue May 16 2017 20:06:11 by Mathias View

Match: W: Ganja Girls 3—1 Dwarf Buddies

Posted Thu May 4 2017 20:17:29 by natsirtdm View

Match: Riverdale Rotskins 2—0 The Skullcrushers

Posted Thu May 4 2017 19:01:51 (last edited Wed May 31 2017 13:20:49) by Genghis View

Match: Clar Karond Corsairs 2—3 W: Ganja Girls

Posted Thu Apr 27 2017 20:04:36 (last edited Thu Apr 27 2017 21:16:23) by natsirtdm View

Match: Snotgrab's Nut Puntchaz 1—2 Hogtown Fjord

Posted Fri Apr 21 2017 19:54:52 (last edited Thu Apr 27 2017 7:40:12) by Gingerk1d View

Season 10

Zharr-Hanta Argonauts 1 1 1550 1 0 0 1 1 1
Riverdale Rotskins 1 1 1500 3 0 0 1 1 1

Recent games

Home Away Date
Riverdale Rotskins 1—1 Zharr-Hanta Argonauts Thu Jan 18 2018Show
The Scrowers 2—3 Averland Black Bears Fri Dec 8 2017Show
Averland Black Bears 1—0 Birdhat's Placeholders Thu Dec 7 2017Show
Jotunheim Giants 1—2 The Stunty Horror Picture Show Thu Dec 7 2017Show
Les Massif 0—1 Da Dragonback Bombas Thu Dec 7 2017Show

Most casualties - Season 10

Name Team # Value

Most touchdowns - Season 10

Name Team # Value

Latest dead

Player Value Team Date
Agrippa Aenas 140k Averland Black Bears Fri Dec 8 2017
Meliel Horus 90k Averland Black Bears Fri Dec 8 2017
Scanlan 50k The Scrowers Wed Nov 8 2017
Nefertiri 40k Titans of Tartarus (K) Thu Jul 20 2017
Bonesmasher 220k Warpstone Stealers Fri Jul 7 2017
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